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A: As for China fishing manufacturers,Iwish has 2 own factories ,tackle box and fishing line,having 8 years in China. For our customers’ constant purchasing plan ,expanding our fishing supplies recent these years. Co-operating with other factories,AFFORDABLE PRICE,QUALITY & SERVICES can be given to u . Save your time and Money.
A:Iwish now can be professional in Commercial Fishing,Longline Fishing,Big Game Fishing,Coarse、 Marine 、Offshore Sea Fishing,Trolling lure Fishing,Spearing Fishing , deep sea fishing;Squid Fishing,Squid Jigging ;Fly Fishing,Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing, Or called “Trout fishing,Salmon fishing”;Carp Fishing;Ice Fishing;Crab、Lobster Fishing;Crappie Fishing,Bass Fishing;Pike Fishing;Surf Fishing;Pole fishing etc.
A:For fishing equipment,except for tackle box (including plastic box,aluminum box,wooden box etc)、 fishing line(including fishing spools),now rod and reel、fishing hook、fishing bait,bass fishing lures(including plastic lure minnow、popper、crank、VIB Lure ;soft worm lure,frog lure; lead lure;wooden lure;octopus skirts lure ,bulb squid lure,trolling lure,resin lure;spinner & spoon,buzzbait;slow jigs etc)、swivels、fishing rigs、fishing weights、fishing nets & lights and so on. U can stop here for most u want,just like get a shopping experience.
A: From fishing gear field,we also respect some great brands, like rapala lure、mustad or vmc or eagle claw hook、shakespeare,,shimano rods,shimano reels,benn reels,dyneema line,daiwa,bekley and so on. They get high reputation ,serving nearly each customer very well.This is our aim,so Low quantity can be accepted. Not only for wholesale fishing tackles for wholesalers & distributors,but also for tackle shop、fishing store,online fishing shop and retailers.

A: As for commercial saltwater fishing outfitters,u can find following:

1.Mainline ,Branch Line,PP/PE/Polyester/braided Rope、Twine & Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line,Polyester Braided Fishing Line,Wire Leader

2.Longline Snap ,With Swivel & Clip,Leaded Swivel,Box Swivel,Heavy Duty Swivel,B.L Swivel,8-type Swivel,Ball Bearing Swivel,Barrel Swivel,Rolling Swivel,Crane Swivel,longline clip,Snaps,Rings

3.Tuna Circle Hook,Swordfish Hook,Big Game Hook,Gaff Hook

4.Single,Double Aluminum and Copper Crimp

5.Heavy Duty Crimper/Cutter,Wire Cutter,Pliers,Scissors,Front Roller,Tuna Missile,Hammer,Knife,Buoy
6.Fishing Light & Chemical Light Stick,Sea Light & Lamp

7.ABS Hard Float and Buoy,Eva Float

8.Braided Polyester Tube,Beads,Light Sleeve,Thimble,Tube,Lead & Iron Sinkers

9.Wears,Gloves,Boots,Fishing Vest&Jacket

10.Squid Trolling Lure,Octopus Skirts Lure

A:As for squid fishing tools,u can choose following:
1.Squid Jigs,Giant Squid Jigs,Squid hook

2.Float,Front Roller,Hand Crimper

3.Led Fishing Lamp& Fishing Light

4.SS wire,nylon mono line

5.Aluminum & Copper Crimps

6.Tuna Hook,Circle Hook,Sword Fish Hook

7.Leaded Swivel,Box Swivel,Heavy Duty Swivel,B.L Swivel,8-type Swivel,Ball Bearing Swivel,Barrel Swivel,Rolling Swivel,Crane Swivel,longline clip,Snaps,Rings

A:For fishing kits outdoor sports & entertainment ,u will be interested in these fly fishing gears:

1.Fly reels & Fly rods
2.Fly Hook: Nymph Hook,Barbless Dry Hook,Streamer Hook
3.Fly tying materials:
Natural Materials:Feather,Bucktail,Marbou, Hari & Fur,Marabou
Synthetic materials:Chenille,Tinsel,Krystal Flash,Flashabou,Yarn
4.Tungsten Beads,Holographic & 3D Eyes,Brass Cones,Tungsten Cones,sweet corns,Tubing
5.Fly Fishing Flies,Rubber Skirts,Rubber legs,Fly Foam,
6.Thread & Wire,Fly Line,Leader & Tippet
7.Vises,Tools & Supplies,Bobbin,Scissors,Plier,Bobbin Threader,Clamps
8.Plastic Storage Box,Fly box
9.Landing net,Clothes and fishing hat

A: As Carp Fishing Outlets,these carp terminal tackles u will see:

1.Carp Rod and Reels
2.Carp Shelters,Tent Accessories,Carp Bivvy,Lamps
3.Carp Bags& Luggage,Table, barrow
4.Carp Boxes
5.Carp Chairs,Bedchairs,Carp Care,Mat,Sleeping Bags
6.Rod Pods,hanger,carp bite indicator,Swinger
7.Bite alarms
8.Carp Rigs:mainline&Leaders,Hooklinks,,Hook,Sinkers & Back Leads,Safty Clips,Anti Tangle Sleeves,hook beads,rigs sleeves,shrink tube,swivel,ring,bait stopper,sweet corn,Pop-ups,rubber stoppers,Carp Line
9.Landing Net, Digital Scale
10.Terminal Tackles Or End Tackles:needles,scissors,PVA Bags,PVA Mesh ,Spod,Float,Sticks,Hook eye threader,braid stripper,knot puller,splicing needle,spod,catapult
11.Clothes,Bait Boat

A: Firstly,thanks for your enquiry about samples.Secondly,lots of samples we can provide for free,just shipping cost is paid by u .If samples more,maybe u should pay for u . After u place the order future,the charges will be returned.

A:United States,Canada,Australia,Turkey,South Korea,Japan,Chile,United Kingdom,France,Germany,NewZealand,Egypt,Indonesia,India,South Africa,Brazil,Poland,Mexico,Tunisia, and so on.